We specialize in personal and small business insurance.

Our agency is knowledgeable when it comes to both personal and business insurance. We offer a full spectrum of insurance products, including:

  • Auto & Motorcycle
  • Motorhome, RV,& Boat
  • Home,Mobilehome,Townhouse, & RenterFire,
  • Flood, & Earthquake
  • Life
  • Small Business Auto, Property,& Liability
  • Personal & Small Business Umbrella

We offer Low Cost Insurance with Excellent Coverage. Whether you have a perfect driving record, a family with teenagers,or an imperfect driving record we have a program for you.


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We always look for the best coverage for you at the lowest possible price. We will find coverage that best suits your needs, applying cost-saving discounts and credits to your policy whenever possible. We offer discounts for Teachers, Engineers, Scientists, CPAs, and many other professionals.


Welcome to the new site.

We are starting a web page to help our customers with current information about our providers. we will use this site to keep our customer updated about new changes to coverages and help new customers find insurance to fit their needs.